Canada's First Coworking Health Insurance Plan

Artists, entrepreneurs, and independent workers of Canada:

We’ve got you covered.

The Coworking Health Insurance Plan is available to all members of participating collaborative spaces in Canada.

If your space is listed on this website, you are eligible to participate in COHIP.

The plan is designed for freelancers, creatives, start ups, small businesses and independent workers in any industry.

How it works

COHIP provides members across Canada with affordable and accessible options for Health, Dental, Disability, Term Life and Travel Insurance, along with Prescription Drug Coverage and Extended Health Benefits.

All COHIP plans can be customized to meet the unique needs of each member. Coverage is available for singles, couples, single parents and families.


All collaborative spaces are welcome to register.

Coworking spaces, maker spaces, artist studios or incubators; your collaborative community is welcome to apply for the COHIP program.

It’s really easy to join: simply register your space and pay the $100 annual fee. Once you’re set up, all of your members can apply for affordable insurance coverage, customized to meet their needs.