COHIP began as a passion project. I’m an artist and entrepreneur, and I’ve always been a part of the independent workforce.

After being involved in an accident that left me in need of additional health insurance, I set out in search of a plan that was affordable and accessible to others like me. I didn’t have much luck finding one.

During this time, many of my clients and friends were telling me that they wanted to become self-employed, but that they couldn’t make the leap for fear of putting themselves and their families at risk without traditional insurance coverage. Others were already committed to working for themselves, but were afraid of losing what they had worked so hard to build. I knew this needed to change, and so I began creating the first Coworking Health Insurance Plan to offer health & dental coverage to independent artists, entrepreneurs and small businesses in Toronto, Ontario.

Rather than extending the plan exclusively to my Creative Blueprint and Foundery members, I decided to offer COHIP to all coworking spaces in Ontario via the Coworking Ontario collective. The first version of the plan was released in 2013 in partnership with Caldwell Insurance Services, Ontario Blue Cross and Coworking Ontario.

Soon after launching in Ontario, I began receiving calls from coworking communities across Canada and around the globe. There was much demand for benefits for the independent workforce, and so I’ve been working to expand COHIP ever since.

I am proud to announce that on April 1st 2016 we will be able to offer COHIP to all members of collaborative workspaces across Canada.

Now there are no excuses Canada. If you want to work for yourself, you can. You can focus on your business and your family; the things that really matter. We’ve got you covered.

Ashley Proctor

Creative Blueprint & Foundery
GCUC Canada